Sayona Dry, Non-stick plate, 1000 Watts Iron Box – SI 406

KShs 1,440.00

• Voltage: AC 220 – 240V ~ 50/60HZ 1000w
• Overheat protection
• Non stick sole plate.
• Temperature control knob
• LED light indicator


This Sayona dry iron box is one of the safest iron boxes to use. With an overheat protection, it automatically switches itself on and off as you iron, ensuring it does not burn your clothes with too much heat. Depending on the material of clothe you are ironing, the temperature knob allows you to adjust the temperature to your wish. The ironing surface is made of non stick material which ensures chances of your clothes sticking to the surface are eliminated. It is light and easy to use. To anybody starting life on a low budget, this is the iron box to go for


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