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Our Return Policy

  • What items can be returned – Most items have 1-year warranty for
    • Items within or with expired warrant are acceptable (quotation for payment –is shared before repair commences. TnC apply-see our terms)
  • What items can be exchanged –
    • Sayona warrant covers repair & service and not replacement. We have a fully operational work shop.
  • What products are “final sale” (i.e., non-returnable, non-exchangeable)
    • Items not on warrant like bulbs, crockery, emergency lights
    • Accessories like blender jugs and remotes
  • When things can be returned or exchanged.
    • Items bought and failed within 7 days and spares are not available at the item
  • In what condition can items be returned
    • Original packaging and original condition. Proof of purchase from a genuine, authorized dealer.
  • What products can be returned for
    • Items for replacement/exchange with same value or similar product. No refund once receipted.
  • How to initiate a return or exchange.
    • Write to, siting all the details. We get back immediately or within 2 days if the enquiry falls towards end week or in the weekend.


Our General Terms

  • Customers must insist to be trained on products operations prior to purchase. Damages as a result of mishandling or failure to follow instructions will not be covered by this warranty
  • This guarantee does not cover power failure or damages due to high voltage, power surges, cockroach, mice, rats, lightening e.t.c (use of power surge protector is recommended at all times)
  • This guarantee does not cover battery failure and hence not replaceable.
  • This warranty is a quality assurance warranty and only appliable for repair and service as stated and not product replacement.
  • Transport charges to Sayonapps service center is incurred by the customer or the dealer.

Our Location

Where We Are

  • SHOWROOM : McGray GoDowns, Mombasa Road
  • REPAIRS RETURN LOCATION : Timboroa Building, 1st Floor, Room 15, CBD
  • ACCESSORIES SHOP : Timboroa Building, 1st Floor, Room 15, CBD


Reach Us Today

Timboroa Building, 1st Floor, Room 15, CBD

Our Location

Where We Are

    • 0754393732
    • General enquiries:( Aftersale, Customer service, Accessories, Order tracking,       Operations for items, Showroom/collection point, Lipa polepole, Careers & internship)


    McGray GoDowns, Mombasa Road