Sayona Double Grill Pan-36cm – Non stick plate

KShs 2,599.00

• Non – stick plate.
• Magnetic locking mechanism.
• 36cm wide.
• Material: Cast alloyed aluminum
• Even heating
• Rustproof.
• Silicon rubber seal to create pressure effect


The 36 cm wide double grill pan gives you a cooking experience without a mess, from cooking Sausages, chicken, omelets, to fish, this is the pan for you. With the silicon rubber seal, it is able to create the pressure effect, and reduce the odor and smoke as you cook. You need not be an expert in flipping food, you simply need to flip your pan, that is why it is a double grill. One more excellent thing about this pan is that, it has a non-stick plate, and your fish or whatever you are cooking will not stick in the surface, giving you trouble when washing. If you want all your flavor not lost, as it is enclosed in your pan, you are sorted.


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