Sayona Air Fryer/Pressure Cooker 6 ltrs capacity (SAF-4328)

KShs 19,550.00

• Tender crisp technology
• Cook and crisp basket
• 12 preset cooking menus for air frying
• 17 preset cooking menus for pressure cooking
• Capacity: 6 litres
• Detachable inner pot(6L)
• Overheat protection
• Power: 1500watts
• Non stick for easy clean up


The sayona air fryer applies the tender crisp technology in its operation. This is a technology that tenderizes food using pressure cooking, then thereafter crisps it using superheated air. This cooks your food from the inside out. When tested against deep frying appliances, and achieving the same outcome, it will take you using 75% less fat and 70% more speed, when using this air fryer, making it the best alternative for deep frying. The cook and crisp basket is ceramic coated, and can hold up to 2.3 kg of chicken and its equivalent. It is non sticky, hence it is easy to clean. It has 14 levels of safety, having gone through the UL safety certification, hence you can have confidence as you cook, that it won’t cause you harm.


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