2 burner automatic ignition table top gas cooker

KShs 5,700.00

•Size: 754×423×105mm
•2 Burner System
•Automatic Ignition System
•Whirlwind gas burning technology
•Fascinating designs on the glass surface.
•Tempered glass surface.


Talk of efficiency in terms of heat distribution and burner durability, the Sayona SB 2030 gas cooker gives you that experience, as its burners use the whirlwind technology in their operation. Also, gas consumption is highly reduced. The tempered glass surface makes cleaning very simple as you can clean by wiping with a wet clothe, and the glass is so hardened, cannot break easily. The cleaning is enhanced further by the stainless drip tray. Its automatic ignition system gives you added convenience. To make your cooking experience even fun, the glass surface has been ingrained with fascinating designs to boost the appearance. This gas cooker is a go for product.


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