Electric Rice Cooker SRC 4304, 2.2 Ltrs capacity.

KShs 4,100.00

  • • Capacity: 2.2litres
    • Power consumption/voltage: 220V – 240V ~ 50 – 60HZ, 550W
    • Multi-purpose: Rice cooking, reheating, steaming and keeping warm.
    • Removable non stick coated pan for easy cleaning.
    • Automatic system for the heating and cooking.
    • Single switch operation.


The Sayona multipurpose rice cooker is created to help you cook your rice efficiently, by avoiding overcooking or undercooking. With its automated system, it automatically switches from cooking mode to warming mode immediately your rice has been cooked. It has indicators to indicate whether it is cooking or it is warming. It is a multi-purpose machine, as you can still use it to steam vegetables, and reheat cold rice. The inner pot is removable and non-stick. This ensures that your cleaning is made as easy as possible. The machine also is made to prevent self-destruction due to error in operation, for instance the machine won’t start to cook if the inner pot is wrongly fixed. It is a machine you will not regret purchasing.


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